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Passion for Design and Quality


Our Story

LABRICA was conceived by Lorena Vasquez over a decade ago. With the help of her daughter and son the dream became a reality in 2012, and since then LABRICA has filled the void between gifted artisans and world-class contemporary design. The founders chose to locate LABRICA near Antigua, the crown jewel of Guatemalan leisure, culture and tourism. The town of Santa Lucia Milpas Altas is home to a long tradition of woodworking, and most of LABRICA's artisans call the area home. 

When it comes to artisanal manufacturing they say you can't have it both ways. Not at Labrica. Our woodmasters are all from 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation families. This allows our boutique factory to have the quality and consistency you can expect from larger shops. Get to know more about our passion for design and excellence, and our contributions to sustainable development in Guatemala. 

Our Team

Lorena Velasquez  Co-Founder, Director of Operations.

Lorena Velasquez
Co-Founder, Director of Operations.

Ricardo Velasquez  Co-Founder, Designer

Ricardo Velasquez
Co-Founder, Designer

Lorena   Vásquez  Co-Founder

Lorena Vásquez

Cesar Conde  Designer

Cesar Conde

Gina Bonatti  Marketing & Customer Relations

Gina Bonatti
Marketing & Customer Relations


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